Swordfish is a web-based solution that facilitates and streamlines the bulk debt collecting process via automated functionality. Increase productivity, increase capacity to handle more files, increase collections = more profit!

Swordfish offers key benefits to any collecting organisation:

• Increased productivity
Because Swordfish shields collectors from menial tasks they are able to achieve more with less effort and time.

• Increased capacity = more profit
Swordfish’s automation saves time and effort – thus making it possible for collector agencies to handle bigger contracts.

• Optimized working experience
Swordfish’s simplicity and intuitive interface makes for a resistance-free working experience.

• Better service
To clients by having the right, up to the minute reports available. To debtors by having access to any debtor file within seconds.

• Low maintenance
No high end hardware or additional software is needed to use Swordfish – it can be used from any computer system with a standard web browser. No hassle with software incompatibilities or upgrade issues.

• Scalability
Swordfish is entirely scalable. There is virtually no limit to number of users or files. Swordfish is built on latest technology with the future in mind.

• Affordable
No risk; no big initial software purchase costs. Pay as you use it.

• Conform to South African Law
Swordfish has been designed to meet applicable regulations. This will help your business to do things right.

Main Features:

• Diary
Perform actions on scheduled debtor files. Allocation of files to collectors can be done based on predefined rules or they can be allocated to specific collectors by administrators. Diaries can be shared between collectors.

• Campaigns
Run automated or manual campaigns directly from the system. The following campaign types are available: letter(print), fax, email and SMS.

• Tracing
Swordfish enables you to send an account for tracing immediately. List of tracing agents can be added according to company rules

• Performance Monitoring
View accurate statistics of collector activities.

• Debtor Login
Gives debtor access to transactional history.

• Client Login
Enable clients to view payments received and other activities on their accounts.

• Extensive Debtor and Client Reporting
Swordfish has a long list of available reports (payments, action histories, late payments, promises to pay per collector etc.). The reporting engine enables administrators to add additional reports to the system.

• Seamless collaboration between collectors
Collectors can belong to different groups. Exclusive access rights to accounts or a specific client may be assigned to a group.

• Easy Importing and processing of new data
Data can easily be added to the system database. During the import process the data is checked to ensure its integrity and uniqueness.

• Customizable Branding
Easily change the look and feel of the system to suit your company’s corporate identity.

• Audit Trail of all Actions
Swordfish provides a complete audit trail of all actions performed.

• Document Storage
Per-account document storage allows for easy access to said documents, as well as the ability to include these documents in email and fax communications with the debtor and/or client, and also saves costs in terms of print output.

• Outsourcing to other EDC’s
Matters can be outsourced to other external debt collectors. The whole outsourcing process is managed easily, and EDC’s can even log into the system to retrieve up-to-date information on their accounts.

• Legal Actions
Swordfish follows a proper legal workflow, and legal documents (summons, judgments, etc) are generated directly from the system.

• Follow-up PTP’s
Creation of follow-up PTP’s allows for more flexible collections strategies depending on how each debtor can have his/her debt managed.

• Debit Orders
An integrated debit order system ensures an increase in secured monthly payments. A selection between “normal” and “NAEDO” debit orders can be applied depending on the need/strategy.

Go to www.swordfish.co.za for more details.