11 Years ago Spiraleye Studios made its first humble appearance. Big dreams inspired 4 fresh graduates to face the business world and compete in the multimedia industry. The unique combination of skills immediately gave Spiraleye an advantage and soon a very diverse range of projects and clients joined our portfolio.
From the outset we aimed to create products that could later become the focus and core of the business ensuring long term success and sustainable growth. Today Spiraleye already has a range of diverse mature products and we continuously explore new ideas and develop new solutions.
Over the years Spiraleye has had the privilege of working with some fantastic people: passionate experts from various fields and highly competent developers and designers. The current Spiraleye team consists diverse and motivated individuals who believe in building a business based on transparency and including everyone when it comes to making major decisions. We believe that only a setup that encourages and allows participation and critical thinking will result in innovation.

We invite you to engage with us on the level that makes sense for you:

> Join the Spiraleye team (Employment, Outsource partner)

> Develop a new solution with Spiraleye (or integrate with our solutions)

> Use Spiraleye solutions

> Sell Spiraleye solutions

> Learn with Spiraleye (Tech Breakfast, University Lecturing, internship)

> Invest in Spiraleye